Here at GSD, we are actively engaged in a wide range of projects that are in various stages of development. Included below are proposals for seven of these projects; however, nondisclosure agreements prevent us from releasing details on some of our most exciting undertakings, particularly those related to stem cell research, except to research partners involved or donors granted special permissions. To learn more, please contact us at

Brake Dust:

A national-scale investigation detailing the results of heavy metal contamination in the environment due to brake pad and tire debris from automobiles. View Proposal

Delta Magnitude:

An astrometry project using the newly constructed Great Basin Observatory to study binary star systems that few other terrestrial observatories are capable of interrogating. View Proposal

Environmental Surveys:

An in-depth look into the microbial and chemical diversity of the different ponds located in the Irvine River Water District's San Joaquin Marsh and Wildlife Conservancy. View Proposal

Magnetotactic Bacteria:

An exciting undertaking exploring a unique group of bacteria capable of creating powerful magnets to take advantage of the geomagnetic field to survive and thrive. View Proposal

Praziquantel Degradation:

A high-impact project investigating the microbes responsible for metabolizing praziquantel, a drug widely used for treating tapeworm and other parasitic infections in both animals and humans. View Proposal

Sustainable Agriculture:

A challenging but rewarding endeavor focused on developing methods to provide a stable food supply for use in undeveloped regions around the world. View Proposal

Telescope Spectroscopy:

An ambitious feat providing atmospheric measurements on a global scale by measuring how light from the sun is effected by pollution as the photons travel through the air. View Proposal

Research Partners:

  • Dr. John Kenney, Chemical Physics Laboratory

    • Concordia University Irvine - Irvine, CA

    • <>

  • BioAdaptives, Inc.

    • Las Vegas, NV

    • <>

  • Dr. A.J. Shaka, Shaka Group

    • University of California, Irvine - Irvine, CA

    • <>

  • Dr. Sean Bignami, Marine Lab

    • Concordia University Irvine - Irvine, CA

    • <>

  • Paul Gardner, Observatory Systems

    • Observatory Systems - Pasadena, CA

    • <>

  • Great Basin National Park Foundation

    • Great Basin Observatory - Baker, NV

    • <>

  • Dr. Russell Genet, Orion Observatory

    • Orion Observatory; California Polytechnic State University, Cuesta College

    • <>

  • Aquarium of the Pacific

    • Long Beach, CA

    • <>