Research Consultation

Global Science Directive is always enthusiastic and willing to help further the researches of collaborators, colleagues, and other professionals. We have a wide range of experience in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, and Astronomy. Even outside of these fields, our mastery of the scientific method and logical reasoning allow us to contribute greatly to any project. To request a quote, inquire below.

Academic Consultation

As many of our partners are academic institutions, we aim to help them grow and expand their programs and curriculum to best serve the needs of their student body. To this end, we offer consultation and program development services by auditing classes, crafting labs to best match the lecture material, and providing opportunities to start or further develop the research programs. Several of our projects are ideal for undergraduate work and are often pursued by our partner institutions under the direction of GSD. To request a quote, inquire below.

Marketing Consultation

Any good science needs to be shared to be of any benefit and any good lab needs to be able to draw attention to their results and programs. We offer services such as web design, online fundraising, search engine optimization, literature production, and graphic design to help laboratories or small university programs attract the attention they need. To request a quote, inquire below.